June 26 – 28, 2018

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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16 – 18 October, 2018 

Messegelände, Hanover

About Sustainable Materials Expo

Sustainable Materials Expo is a new annual commercially-focused exhibition that connects the sustainable materials manufacturing community with the wide range of end user market buyers for its products. The exhibition crucially brings together the full sustainable materials manufacturing supply chain from raw material suppliers to end users from industry sectors including automotive, aerospace, packaging, electronics, medical and energy.

Sustainable Materials Expo is designed as the only dedicated forum through which sustainable material manufacturers and any company involved in the advanced sustainable material supply chain may engage their full spectrum of current and potential buyers and partners.  

Why participate in Sustainable Materials Expo?

With huge endorsements, investments and incentives from governments and consumers to ‘go green’ corporate commitment and investment towards material sustainability is thriving and becoming a main consideration in the design and development of new products across many different industries.

With increasing end-use demand for more sustainable products, numerous opportunities are emerging to address the needs of a growing industry involved in the production, processing and provision of sustainable materials. The sector represents a significant and growing market catering for an extensive range of materials and requirements. Sustainable Materials Expo provides a single commercial platform profiling the full spectrum of products and services - from raw materials including chemicals, sustainable materials themselves, components, processing and tooling machinery to testing equipment and much more.