Meet Thousands of Prospective Customers at Sustainable Materials Expo

Be seen at the industry’s new free-to-attend exhibition, conference and networking event for the sustainable materials manufacturing supply chain by exhibiting at Sustainable Materials Expo, and make a year’s worth of leads in just three days. Contact us today to find out how your company can participate.

Why you should exhibit at Sustainable Materials Expo:  

  • Access thousands of prospective customers, partners and existing clients
  • Network with global representatives from the entire sustainable materials supply chain
  • Stay informed on the latest materials, manufacturing processes, technological advances and trends so you can manage cost and performance and give your customers what they need
  • Benchmark your products and services against industry competition
  • Keep abreast of evolving customer requirements

Product Areas: 

Do you manufacture a product or supply a service that focuses on sustainability for these industries: automotive, aerospace, packaging, electronics, medical and recycling? If so Sustainable Materials Expo is your supply chain event made up of the most forward-thinking decision makers in advanced manufacturuing and service supply. 

  3-D Printing

  Active Agents


  Advanced Functional Materials

  Advanced and Technical Ceramics

  Adhesives and Sealants


  Bio Based Chemicals


  Bio -Fuel

  Bio Based Materials

  Bio Plastics


  Clean Technology

  Composites Materials

  Compostable Plastics

  Corrodible Metal Components

  Eco Friendly Thermoforming

  Environmental Chemistry

  Fabricated Environmental Packaging

  Injection Molding

  Laboratory Machinery

  Liquid Resin Casting

  Lightweight Nanocomposite


  Materials Testing

  Organic Compounds

  Recycling Equipment

  Recycled Rubber

  Renewable Raw Materials 

  Repurposed Waste

  Sustainable Coatings

  Thermoplastic Polyester Resins

  Thermoplastic Polymers 


Audience Profile

Sustainable Materials Expo will highlight the latest product applications, services and equipment from multiple sectors including: automotive, aerospace, packaging, electronics, energy and medical, within the following business activities and job functions:

Business activity



Materials Manufacturer / Supplier



Raw Material / Chemical Manufacturer / Supplier

Material Manufacturing Equipment / Machinery


Recycling Equipment / Machinery


Qualification / Certification / Testing Services


Engineering / Design Services


Product Design / Consultants / Services


Trade Association / Chamber of Commerce / Development Agency



Research / Academic



Laboratory / Testing Equipment / Machinery


Component Supplier


Civil Engineering / Construction


Research  ✔  
Government  ✔  
Media  ✔  


Job function





CEO / President / Managing Director

CTO / Technical Lead / Director


Materials Management


Sustainability Management




Marketing & Sales


Purchasing & Procurement